Section 1- Partick to Cambuslang

The start line is at the West Highland Way Race reminiscent underpass. 

Follow signs marked National Cycle Network 7&75(NCR 7&75)/Clyde Walk Way/Clyde Stride (yellow backed arrows) 

Picture by Davie Hall


The first two miles are pure city running passing the impressive SECC, the BBC Scotland building and Glasgow Heliport. As the runner leaves the metropolis the route changes to light industrial and then on to suburban countryside. You can tick off the bridges as you pass them on the dead flat and fast tarmac path. 


Enter Glasgow Green for a couple of miles.


Follow diversion signage -

Follow the green line. 

The Walk Way continues towards Cambuslang and the first check point.

 (Relay 1 change over)


Section 2- Cambuslang to Strathclyde Park

 After 10.5 miles of running you cross Cambuslang Bridge and the river, which has been a constant companion on your right, now accompanies you on your left.  


Turn Right                           

Cross Bridge


After leaving Cambuslang Bridge and travelling half a mile to Carmyle Viaduct the runner experiences the change from town to country, not only in terms of the surroundings, but also in the going underfoot.


DO NOT CONTINUE with NCR 75, (tarmac going uphill) take the grass path to your left. Note the official wooden marker post.(picture above)

A fallen tree blocks the main path, follow diversion shown in pictures. On picking up normal route keeping rthe iver to lyour eft and pylons to your right until you reach the two arched steel bridges.

  Keep right

  Pass through giant rhubarb and cross little bridge.

 Turn right when you exit the giant rhubarb. Keep pylons to your right.

Continue until you can see the two arched steel bridges.

At the signpost turn Right and climb uphill to reach and pass left of a giant electricity pylon.

 Ground works taking place. Pass left of herras fencing.


The route keeps to the Right of a line of trees before swinging back Left downhill toward to the Clyde.

 Almost immediately the path bears Right away from the river for a second time, climbing steeply up a bank to the Right of a line of trees. This section runs along the top of a high bank. Do not turn right again until AFTER the Miners Footbridge.

Keep ahead until a path with some old brick paving is met; turn Left and descend to reach the Miners Footbridge crossing the Rotten Calder. (trees have marker ribbons, keep an eye out for them)


Pass under the West Coast Main Line and keep to the main tarmac track (picture below) up to a kissing gate and Blantyre Farm Road B758. TAKE CARE crossing into wooded area opposite.


Enter and turn Right follow a path to the right inside the woods. Keep right, stay parallel to the road. Cross a stile and through a kissing gate onto a side road. Cross and join a cycleway turning Left following it downhill. This leads back to the Clyde crossing the river via a footbridge, (picture below *). Turn Right to head upriver, keeping Right at several path junctions to remain on the route beside the Clyde. Eventually the route passes below the red sandstone ruins of Bothwell Castle.


Follow route through woods back down to the river level keep to the route close to the river below a housing estate. Route climbs to reach a gate to your Right giving access to the David Livingstone Memorial Bridge. Cross the bridge and keep Left. Up the road on the Left take the entrance and continue heading down. Follow the path curving round the slope.


On reaching open grassed area turn Right to pass under a railway bridge. Keep straight ahead and continue to meet Glasgow Road. Turn Left and follow yellow arrows on pavement (from last years race) Pass under East Kilbride Express Way (flyover) at roundabout, 2nd exit Whistleberry Road. Continue over railway line. 1st Left under express way again. Follow pavement arrows skirting industrial estate until re joining main path and official route. At the bottom of footpath meet Bothwell Bridge, (picture below **) TAKE CARE crossing bridge. 


Follow official DIVERSION

Raith diversion.  Cross Bothwell Bridge. At mini rbt cross and follow with direction of traffic in line with dual carriageway. Keep to footpath to left of dual carriageway.  Follow path to Raith and cross at pedestrian lights.  This will all be well signed on race day.

(Relay 2 change over)


Section 3- Strathclyde Park to Maudslie Bridge

  Leave the CP (to the right of hotel ***) and keep to the RIGHT of the loch. You will pass to the rear of the Water Sports Centre. After the centre take the path  which runs near to the river on your RIGHT, continue until you pass under the road bridge. The route veers to the Left up a short ramp/stair to the rear of some houses. Soon after turn Right at the official waymarker.


Runners will follow the river upstream reaching Barons Haugh Nature Reserve. Where the path forks, keep Right to stay close to the river. 

On leaving the reserve pass through metal gates and keep right, staying next to the river. All runners should proceed with caution due to cattle with calves.

Continue to meet farm track and leading to Highmainshead Wood. At path, which crosses turn, Right and follow track leading to cottages. The track emerges at A71 crossing near to Garrion Bridges.


TAKE CARE and cross directly opposite (picture below). Follow grass track on left.

Cross over (right) on bridge at lay by and access gate leading back down to the river.


Keep close to the river, continue for some time.

DO NOT take wooden steps. Keep Right. Then Right at path junction.


Continue through woods reaching checkpoint 3 at Mauldslie Bridge


  Into CP3                                                                                     Out of CP3

 (Relay 3 change over)         


Section 4- Mauldslie Bridge to New Lanark

The river remains the runner’s companion on the Right after leaving checkpoint three as the route follows the Clyde’s northern bank towards Crossford. 

Keep to riverbank, crossing the bridge over Jock's Burn. Keep left and follow the route as it undulates until reaching a kissing gate and cross ahead and continue following official markers (picture above ****). Take steps back to the river, turn left and follow the riverbank until taking another flight of steps. Passing Waygateshaw House on the left. Following river to Crossford Bridge. Cross road and re-enter route to Left of pillar. (picture below)

There are a series of short ascents and descents during this section.

Exit on to main road, turn Left and continue pavement to Kirkfieldbank.

Exit village DO NOT cross main road bridge. Take side road (to right) and cross Clydeholm Bridge.


Ignore the PRIVATE PROPERTY CCTV sign on the gate, however please close the gate behind you (picture above). Follow path between houses, around waterworks and leading to St Patricks Rd. Follow road up at Jookers Johnnie, Turn Right at 20mph sign on road (picture below)

Right again after a few meters (picture below) and follow path to New Lanark (picture below)



Route winds it’s way towards New Lanark via wodden steps, TAKE CARE these may be slippy. A view of the Heritage Village is offered just before emerging on to the red cobbled road into the village.


Exit and turn Right down hill. Follow Clyde Stride markers as they lead the runner on a loop around the village. When you reach the bottom of the hill keep Left and continue along side the properties where you will see PRIVATE RESIDENTS ONLY- this applies to cars only. Path veers to the left, followed by a Right turn after a few meters. Continue on high ground following Clyde Stride markers before dropping back down to river level. Turn Right and continue along the boardwalk (note caution signs to the left, do not continue on this route) for the final time before reaching the finish line adjacent to the visitor centre,  where runners will have completed the forty mile Clyde Stride ultra marathon.


Picture Credits: All pictures Lee Maclean apart from -

*   Richard Web        **    G Laird               *** Holiday Inn Express     **** Janeysday           ***** David Hall