Clyde Stride

Phil Smith | 2010-07-20

Hey guys thanks for great race and brilliant bunch of runner's. The crack was brilliant on the day and i loved the whole experience. Some of those i had some good banter with i never got a chance to catch you guys at the end so would be nice to catch up; if you can you can catch me on facebook, would be good to keep in touch. otherwise see you next time!!

Re: Clyde Stride

Stuart McDade | 2010-07-22

Hi Phil,
I am sure I ran to checkpoint 1 with yourself then lost you. Well done on your time. You can get me on face book, it may be easier to look up my name as I cant find yourself.

another newbie

Robert Soutar | 2010-07-19

didn't know what to expect for my first at ultra distance as my six weeks training schedule only got me to 30miles so the last 10 was tough, glad i did it as the route excellent for an introduction to the distance, the people i met before during and after the event were all very friendly and no doubt will see them at future fixtures. thanks to all the people behind the scenes for the work you all put in to deliver the event,best wishes c u all next year



Dave McLaren | 2010-07-19

Thanks again to everyone involved on Saturday - enjoyed the run and already looking forward to it again next year ! Does anyone know if the results are available yet or when they will be..? Cheers.

My 1st Ultra Marathon

Stuart McDade | 2010-07-19

Well I have to say that I really enjoyed the whole experience on Saturday. It was my first ultra marathon and now that the pain is nearly starting to ease off in my knees I am thinking about doing more of this. Thanks Lee and the guys.


lawrie mckean | 2010-07-18

Thank you Lee and all others who gave so freely of their time to make the Clydestride a most enjoyable event.Thanks also to the various competitors who helped me to the finish even though they may not have realised it at the time.Probably thought they were being stalked.Well done again to all involved and thank you.


Fletcher Murdoch | 2010-07-18

Thanks Lee for a brilliant event, I certainly got a lot out of it, it was an important milestone for me. Thanks also to everyone else involved in making it a big success, (even Mr Waterman?) Only kidding Dave, great to catch up with you again. Thanks also to all the Strathaven Striders & families, your motto has been well adopted by me ( A drinker with a running problem) All the work that goes into making an event happen is well appreciated by me, & the friendlineness from folk I maybe haven't seen for a year or more. Looking fwd to next year.


Jamie Kerr | 2010-07-17

Thank you so much for organising that race. It was a fantastic route. Look forward to next year!

First Timers

David Ross | 2010-07-04

Hello any fellow first timers out there, we are now very close to entering unknown territory, I am lucky enough to be a member of a club with a great many accomplished ultra runners in it's membership so I thought I would pass on some words of wisdom from the old masters that have kept me going during my long training runs, they may seem a bit cheesey but believe me they do work.
"run with your head" don't get carried away while feeling fresh
"compete to complete" personally just finishing will be achievment enough for me.
"this isn't a 40 mile race, its just 4 10 milers back to back" . How many times have we all ran 10 miles.
Most importantly get it in to your head "I WILL FINISH"
Hope to see you all at Partick, but most of all I hope to see you all in Lanark.

P.S. Mrs Mac I see you have an accomodation link on the website, but where is the nearest pub, as a Strathaven Strider I feel it is my duty to uphold the club motto at every available opportunity, so mines a Guinness.